Mahendra Technical Institute
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About Teacher's Training

The Mahendra Technical Institute was founded in the year 2010 after years of fruitful hard work, determination and a lot of efforts. We have left no stone unturned and toiled day and night to bring to the education community the vision of learning and teaching in its full glory. we needed to create a dynamic and flexible teaching community. We owed to the growing people of today and the teaching profession to something more substantial and something more individual.

To bring about revolutionary changes in our teaching methodology, in our attitude towards education, and our approach towards people and by upgrading our teaching resources.

It is these and so many other important factors that set us thinking and slowly the idea of a Teacher’s Training Institute was nurtured which took a Proper Building concrete shape.

At the Mahendra Technical Institute we try our best to groom and prepare Proper skilful and creative mind Teachers, who will be taught that if they can combine intelligence and humanity with enthusiasm, they will be the right teachers who will be capable of moulding the budding and growing minds of future citizens.